The Moleda company is celebrating a major milestone! Our Plantsauna units are now used on four continents and have collectively treated more than 50 million strawberry mother plants. These mother plants have produced over 2 billion daughter plants!

We want to thank all our partners and customers for working with us.

We’re thrilled to announce that we are now officially active with our Plantsauna technology in South Africa at Haygrove Small Beginnings nursery in George. 🌍🌿

We are actively treating strawberry mother plants and raspberry root blocks with the aerated steam method in the Plantsauna. This will make them free of unwanted pests and pathogens. Thank you for the support Gerhard van Niekerk, Jake Smit and Mathew Schofield.

We’ve successfully sold and installed our Plantsauna at Bert’s Berry Farm in New Zealand, marking its debut in the southern hemisphere! 🎉
Hats off to Cas Barel from our team and gratitude to Bert van Geffen for entrusting our technology.

The Plantsauna will play a pivotal role in ensuring the health and vitality of strawberry transplants as they undergo our steaming process before planting, guaranteeing the eradication of harmful pathogens and pests like the cyclamen mite.

We are humbled by the opportunity to contribute positively to New Zealand’s thriving agricultural landscape. 🌱🍓

To learn more about our customer Bert’s Berry Farm, please visit his website:

🔬 Research Update! 🍓
We are excited to share the latest development in our research project at Les Fraises de l’île d’Orléans inc. (FIOINC) in Canada, close to Québec City! As part of our collaboration with the Plantsauna, we are treating North American varieties of strawberry production plants. 🍓🔍

Through innovative techniques like the steam heat treatment in the Plantsauna of strawberry plants before planting, we aim to unlock new insights into sustainable strawberry cultivation methods. 🌱💡

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make exciting discoveries.
To learn more about our partner FIOINC, please visit their website:

We are thrilled to announce that Moleda showcased the Plantsauna aerated steam system at the Delphy International Soft Fruit Conference (ISFC) Field Day 2023. Moleda’s Plantsauna system was featured alongside products from leading sustainable plant health companies, Koppert and Octavia.

By being in the company of larger firms, we underscore our belief that the future of sustainable plant health depends on a combination of various non-chemical technologies. These include the use of beneficial insects (Koppert) and the application of UVC light (Octavia).

During the Delphy ISFC Field Day, our team provided comprehensive insights into the Plantsauna system. We demonstrated its user-friendliness and its ability to enhance plant health.

We did it! Our team successfully installed the innovative Plantsauna unit at the Greek soft fruit nursery Berry Plasma World. The unit is equipped with an electric boiler; this solution is completely chemical and fossil fuel free, promoting a healthy and sustainable environment for plants. We are thrilled to see this chemical-free, sustainable solution in action and are confident that it will make a positive impact on Berry Plasma World‘s business. To learn more about our customer Berry Plasma World, please visit their website:

We had a fantastic time at the strawberry day and international soft fruit conference in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, in January 2023! We were thrilled to have a booth there and received a lot of interest for our innovative products, the Plantsauna and the Agro-Pure. We want to extend a huge thank you to our customers and partners for their support and engagement during the event. We look forward to continuing to work on bringing sustainable plant health solutions to the industry. Thanks to Delphy for organizing such a successful event.

We have some exciting news to share with you today. Our company, Plantsauna, is undergoing a transformation, and we are proud to announce that our new name is Moleda. This change reflects our commitment to expanding our offerings and providing a wider range of products and services to keep improving plant health.

The name Moleda is a combination of the names of the pioneers of our technology, Ole Myhrene and Marten Barel, and the Norwegian word for steam, “Damp”. This new name represents our dedication to innovation and our devotion to providing the best products and services to you.

Please be assured that our product, the Plantsauna, will still retain its name and continue to be available for purchase. We value your continued support and look forward to serving you under our new brand.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

In the fall of 2022, Moleda made the journey to Madrid to attend Fruit Attraction, one of the largest international trade shows in the industry. With a reputation for showcasing the latest trends and technologies, Fruit Attraction was an ideal venue for Moleda to connect with potential customers and partners and stay on the cutting edge of the ever-evolving produce market. While there, Moleda was represented by their Sales Manager, Kars Vreeswijk. Armed with business cards, brochures, and a wealth of knowledge about Moleda’s products and services, Kars was determined to make the most of his time at Fruit Attraction. Over the course of several days, Kars met with dozens of potential customers and partners.