Steam as an efficient
energy carrier

Innovative air
circulation technology

control technology

Core Values


Our founders invented the unique patented technologies in our sterilization products, and as a result, Moleda’s core value is innovation. We believe in innovation by constantly improving our products to meet the needs of our customers.


We are sustainable through our technology; by offering our products and services, we enable our customers to utilize chemical-free sterilization methods, without compromising plant health.
We stand for business sustainability, for mutually beneficial, long-term business relationships, by making our products out of long-lasting, high-end materials, and by offering our customers service for the entire product’s lifetime.


We are the best at delivering our controlled steam sterilization technologies. We believe in leadership, knowledge, and being adaptable by providing sterilization solutions to our customers’ needs.

Knowledge sharing

We stand for sharing knowledge about our sterilization methods. We believe we can achieve a more sustainable agriculture industry by sharing our knowledge and best practices in sterilization.


Simen Myhrene

Co-Founder & Chairman of the board

Cas Barel

Co-Founder & technical director

Sander Myhrene


Bjørn Petter Skjeltorp


Jakob Aubell

Sales manager North America

Kars Vreeswijk

Sales manager Europe



Moleda history

Moleda was founded by the Barel and Myhrene families, both active in agriculture for many generations. The original idea of using steam for sterilization in agriculture applications was applied in the 70’s by both families. Because of the ban of methyl bromide, sterilization with steam became commercially interesting. Due to the positive results of the research conducted by the University of Florida and the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, and the commercial interest through Fresh Forward in The Netherlands, a commercial company was formed in 2019 to bring all the sterilization technologies together and offer it to the market.

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