Technologies we use in our products:

Steam as an efficient energy carrier

Innovative air circulation technology

Temperature control technology

Our impact


Sustainable Plant Health

Moleda provides the building blocks for growers to proactively enable efficient and profitable operations while not compromising sustainability.

Reducing emissions

Our products are direct substitutes for many harmful chemicals currently used in production. These chemicals contribute to the increase of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

Building a resilient plant ecosystem

Through adopting a full sustainable plant health scheme, plants will inherently become stronger and healthier, lowering the demand for harmful treatments and leading to less environmental impact.

Lowering waste

Through the use of the Agro-Pure and the Plantsauna, previously used equipment can be reused, which otherwise would have been thrown away.

Moleda and the Sustainable
Development Goals

Zero hunger – Promoting sustainable agriculture

Climate Action

We believe in conscientious business throughout all dimensions of Moleda. We see our growth as a force for change. By instilling the right values and motivators within Moleda and working with like-minded partners to achieve our goals, we leave behind a positive mark.

Core Values


We believe in open, respectful, and honest relationships. From customer to supplier to research partner, we aim to always learn and be open-minded to feedback and information.


We see it as our responsibility to continue developing new products and services that fit our vision and have a positive impact. We enjoy the whole process, from idea generation to development and implementation.


We have a broad definition of sustainability that we break down into two main areas. Environmental sustainability, on which we aim to build our products on, and business sustainability, in which we don’t optimize on economic, ethical, and consumer factors.


We believe in building the highest-quality products. From the engineers working on the development to using the best materials in the build to offering service and support.

Our team

Simen Myhrene

Co-Founder & Agronomist


Co-Founder & Technical Director

Sander Myhrene


Bjørn Petter Skjeltorp



Marketing & Business Development

Kars Vreeswijk

Sales Manager



Moleda history

Moleda was founded by the Barel and Myhrene families, both active in agriculture for many generations. The original idea of using steam for sterilization in agricultural applications was applied in the 70s by both families. Because of the ban on methyl bromide, sterilization with steam became commercially interesting. Due to the positive results of the research conducted by the University of Florida and the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, and the commercial interest generated through Fresh Forward in the Netherlands, a commercial company was formed in 2019 to bring all the sterilization technologies together and offer them to the market.

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