Features and benefits of Agro-Pure

The Agro-Pure treatment has been proven to eradicate root pathogens and viruses on trays, pots, and accessories in horticulture like clubroot disease in brassicas (Plasmodiophora brassicae), Pythium spp in NFT, hydroponics and aeroponics growing, Phytophthora Cactorum and Phytophtora Fragariae in strawberries, Pepino virus in tomatoes, Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV), Pepino mosaic virus, PepMV, Legionella, Salmonella, and intestinal bacteria.


Improved Plant Health

Because your equipment is sterilized, you will have a more hygienic growing operation, and because of that, the overall health of your crops will improve.


The Agro-Pure enables our customers to have the sterilization process in their own hands, no need to consult an external company. Conveniently placed at your own production location.

Energy Efficient

Because the Agro-Pure is an isolated container, the sterilization process uses significantly less energy than the sheet steaming sterilization method.


Ensuring that your equipment is sterilized enables our customers to re-use the equipment that they otherwise would throw away. Additionally, no chemicals are used during the Agro-Pure treatment.

How Does It Work?

The Agro-Pure uses clean steam at a temperature of 75°C to sterilize equipment. This temperature makes it possible to sterilize all kinds of material without damaging the equipment. Through our extensive experience and research, we can guarantee an evenly distributed temperature to ensure that all equipment is 100% free of any unwanted pests and diseases.

Temperature to sterilize equipment

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Greenhouse productions

Vegetables and fruit


Propagation of seedlings

Indoor / vertical farm productions

Tree nurseries

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The Agro-Pure offers a highly effective method of heat treatment for equipment, capable of replacing any other form of heat treatment available through other technologies. If interested in deploying the Agro-Pure for other applications, we invite you to contact us.

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Installation & Service

We offer worldwide installation and service.

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Is the solution really chemical free?

The Agro-Pure system employs a highly effective and sustainable method of pest, fungi, and disease control. Specifically, we utilize temperature-controlled steam as our primary treatment method, which eliminates the need for chemical pesticides. Our process involves using only clean water to create the steam we use for treatment, which is free of any chemical solutions.

What is the capacity of the Agro-Pure?

You can fit up to 20 pallets in the 40-foot model of the Agro-Pure, please download the brochure and consult the datasheet to learn more.

How can I buy the Agro-Pure for my production?

Contact us and we will find the best Agro-Pure solution for you.

See Our Case Studies


in vegetable production

Our customer is one of the biggest Norwegian vegetable producers. They needed a sterilization solution due to the high risk of contamination from pests, pathogens, and diseases in greenhouse production.

in fresh herbs production

Snarum Gartneri is a Norwegian herbs producer located right outside of Oslo. They have been producing herbs since the early 90s and have since the start used the Agro-Pure to reduce the contamination risk in their production.

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