Plantsauna for clean strawberry mother plants

Neessen has been using the Plantsauna since 2018. Neessen uses mother plants from the highest health status but wants an extra insurance to start the new season clean with plants from the previous season.

Plantsauna for open field strawberry nursery

Rapo B.V., located in the south of The Netherlands, has been using the Plantsauna since 2020. The Plantsauna is essential in assuring the sterilization of mother plants.

Agro-Pure in vegetable production

Our customer is one of the biggest Norwegian vegetable producers. They needed a sterilization solution due to the high risk of contamination from pests, pathogens, and diseases in glasshouse production.

Snarum Gartneri

Agro-Pure in fresh herbs production

Snarum gartneri is a Norwegian Herbs producer located right outside of Oslo. They have been producing herbs since the early 90`s and has since the start used the Agro-Pure to reduce the contamination risk in their production.

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