Company Profile

Snarum Gartneri is a Norwegian herbs producer located right outside of Oslo. They are one of the biggest producers of fresh herbs in Norway.


Hans Erik Fuglerud

Snarum Gartneri

“We have used the Agro-Pure since we started our production here in the early 90`s, and for us, it is the main protection against contamination and pests in our production.”

Product We Used

Snarum uses the integrated version of the Agro-Pure system that was built in 1995. The same sterilization technology used in that integrated system is also used in the Agro-Pure model in the 20- or 40-foot container that we currently offer for sale.

Our Solution

The Agro-Pure is an automated sterilization system that ensures that the producer can eradicate any unwanted pests or diseases on his equipment. Through heat treatment using water vapor, the producer gets a system that is chemical-free and guarantees that all his equipment has gotten the same treatment.

Our Results

  • Fully eliminated the use of chemicals
  • Little to no Pythium infections
  • Less contamination
  • On-site sterilization without having to consult an external company
  • Reuse of equipment and thus saving costs

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Case Study

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