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Neessen Aardbei en Aspergeplanten is a large propagator of strawberry and asparagus plants located in Grashoek, in the southeast of the Netherlands. Neessen owns and oversees 9 ha of greenhouses, 10 ha of tray fields, and approximately 200 ha of open nursery fields. Neessen belongs to the Fragaria Holland group along with three other leading plant propagators. Fragaria Holland together with the University of Wageningen are shareholders in Fresh Forward, an industry leader in strawberry genetics. Neessen supplies a variety of strawberry cultivars, plant grades, and plant types including cuttings, plugs, tray plants, waiting-bed plants, frigo and freshly dug plants.


Johan Neessen

Owner and manager – Neessen Aardbei- en Aspergeplanten VOF

“Plantsauna was the missing link to be sure that I can start with clean plant material. Because I have a Plantsauna at my own nursery location, I am flexible in its use; I don’t need to make appointments with anyone, and, my plant material stays at my nursery for sterilization.”

Product We Used

Two Plantsauna units, powered by a 38-kW oil steam boiler.

Our Solution

Moleda’s Plantsauna is an excellent choice for this sterilization task because of its reliable and stable performance. After the customer heard about our product via the Fresh Forward group, they thoroughly tested the system for two years. After these testing years, they were convinced of the process and purchased two Plantsaunas for their own production of strawberry plants. Our launching customer, Neessen, uses the Plantsauna sterilization method for all their mother plants. During the season, both Plantsaunas run 24/7. We run three treatments per Plantsauna a day, says Johan Neessen, owner of Neessen Aardbei en Aspergeplanten. He treats frigo mother plants and potted plug mother plants in the Plantsauna. The first trials for a mildew treatment with fresh plants and fresh tips also gave good results.

They effectively treat about 2,5 million mother plants per year in the Plantsauna.

Our Results

  • Healthy plants
  • Flexibility in sterilization process, easy at my own location
  • Good root development

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Case Study

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